work with a team who views your success as our success

At Semaphore we work with you – not for you, not against you. We’re dedicated to your growth and impeccable service, no matter what. Our job is done when your goals are met. It’s that simple.

who we are

We started as a small group of consultants who were frustrated by the world of consulting. We were tired of over-promised, under-delivered engagements. We were tired of being encouraged to do things that were in the best interests of the firm, but not in the best interests of our clients.

Our consultants are driven by the success of our customers, not by billable hours. They see career advancement without the cost of their family, friends, hobbies, or health. We have found that our consultants can best support and empower our clients when we empower them.

How we help

IT Strategy

Bring your vision to life with a defined roadmap

System Analysis & Design

Know where you are and where you’re headed

System Selection

Choose the right solution for your business needs

Agile Project Management

Adapt and iterate to delight your customers

select Clients

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